Customer service

Duration: 1 day

Course introduction

This workshop is designed for delegates to help to develop quality communication skills and relationships with customers. The behaviour of the delegates and those around them will come under scrutiny as we determine the best way of having an impact on others and communicating with maximum effect.

It will encourage delegates to look at themselves as a customer service specialist, the part they play and how they can influence and manage customers effectively. Delegates will also examine in detail the use of influential and assertive behaviour when the situation demands it.

Course Content

-     Product versus Service

  • How do we manage Customers?

-        What part do you play?

-        Moments of Truth? Moments of Misery?

  • Effective communication

-        The communication process

-        Why communication fails

-        Different communication styles

-        Questioning & active listening skills


  • Personality types

-        What does your personality say about you?

-        What do the different personality types want and need from you?

-        Building rapport & understanding

  • Assertiveness behaviour

-        Assertive, aggressive and submissive behaviour

-        Techniques to be more assertive

  • Dealing with difficult situations

- Giving bad news to a customer

- Handling difficult people

  • Review personal objectives, summary & close

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