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Revealed: The high street restaurants with TERRIBLE food hygiene scores including a bistro owned by Marco Pierre White.

9th of November 2017
  • Marco's New York Italian Deli in Bloomsbury has a score of 2/5
  • There are two Subway branches with a 0/5 score and 10 with a 1/5 mark
  • Two Frankie & Benny's restaurants have a hygiene score of 1/5 
  • The scores are publicly available on the Food Standards Agency website
  • The restaurants will feature on Monday night's Tricks of Restaurant TradeSome of the most popular chain restaurants in the UK have failed food hygiene inspections, a new investigation has revealed.

Subway and Frankie & Benny's are among high street eateries which run a number of branches with scores of two, one or even zero out of five.

A bistro owned by Marco Pierre White in central London - Marco's New York Italian - also failed food safety tests, with a score of one out of five.

One of Marco Pierre White's restaurants - Marco's New York Italian in Bloomsbury - has a hygiene rating of 2/5

Subway has two branches with a score of zero, and 10 with a score of 1/5. Frankie and Benny's has two branches with a score of 1/5

The low hygiene scores will be exposed on Monday night's Tricks of the Restaurant Trade on Channel 4 by presenter Simon Rimmer.

The show reveals there are two branches of Subway - which has more than 2,000 restaurants in the UK - with a score of zero for food safety: in Granby Street, Leicester, and at Roade Service Station in Northamptonshire.

There are a further 10 Subway branches with a score of one out of five, and 33 with a score of only two out of five. 

Meanwhile New York Italian chain Frankie & Benny's , which has 258 restaurants in the UK, has two branches with a score of one for its food hygiene: in Greenbridge Retail Park in Swindon, and in Grangetown in Cardiff.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA), which hands out the scores, regards a score of three as 'acceptable,' with any restaurant receiving a mark below that requiring 'improvement,' 'major improvement' or 'urgent improvement

The Food Standards Agency's website has a list of every restaurant's food hygiene score - including the terrible ones

The Food Standards Agency's website has a list of every restaurant's food hygiene score - including the terrible ones

Does your local branch have a poor hygiene score?

Frankie & Benny's

Frankie & Benny's, Greenbridge Retail Park, Swindon: 1/5 (inspected July 2017)

Frankie And Bennys, Argyll Street London: 2/5 (inspected March 2017)

Frankie & Benny's, Meridian Leisure Park, Braunstone, Leicestershire: 2/5 (inspected September 2017)

Frankie And Benny's, Bromborough Wirral: 2/5  (inspected July 2017)

Marco's New York Italian

Marco Pierre White New York Italian, Mecure Hotel, Bloomsbury, London: 2/5 (inspected April 2017)


Subway, 37 Granby Street, Leicester: 0/5 (inspected July 2017)

Subway, 2 Clifford Street, York: 1/5 (inspected Sept 2016)

Subway, 94a Withington Road, Manchester: 1/5 (inspected Dec 2016)

Subway, 24 Swanley Centre, Swanley Kent: 1/5 (inspected July 2017)

Subway, 14 Beulah Street, Harrogate North Yorkshire: 1/5 (inspected May 2017)

Subway, 8 Parsonage Street West Bromwich: 1/5 (inspected August 2017)

There are also 33 branches with a score of 2/5 

Frankie & Benny's, Dunleavy Drive, Grangetown, Cardiff: 1/5 (inspected June 2017)

Frankie & Benny's, East Midlands Airport, Derby: 2/5 (inspected July 2017)

Frankie And Benny's, St Oswalds Park, Gloucester: 2/5 (inspected September 2017)

Subway, Roade Service Station, Northamptonshire: 0/5 (inspected July 2017)

Subway, 23 Beastfair, Pontefract: 1/5 (inspected Nov 2016)

Subway, 116 High Street, Moseley And Kings Heath, Birmingham: 1/5 (inspected April 2016)

Subway, Byker Post Office, Shields Road, Newcastle upon Tyne: 1/5 (inspected June 2017)

 Subway, Woodhouse Triangle, Middlesbrough Road: 1/5 (inspected August 2017)

 Subway, 84 Beanacre Road, Melksham, Wiltshire: 1/5 (inspected February 2017)


The show also reveals that one branch of a small bistro chain owned by celebrity chef Marco Pierre White - Marco's New York Italian in Bloomsbury - has a score of just two out of five. 

Environmental health consultant Ben Milligan said of the low hygiene scores: 'It's quite surprising because you would expect them to have the systems in place.

'They should have the general managers, the area managers, the on site managers to make sure that this sort of thing doesn't happen. 

'You're only as strong as your weakest link.' 

Scores are based on a food safety inspection and are representative of the restaurant's hygiene at a particular snapshot of time. Restaurants may have improved food safety standards since inspections.

 Though the scores are publicly available to view on the FSA's website, restaurants in England are not legally obliged to display their hygiene scores in windows.

It is a requirement to display the marks in Wales and in Northern Ireland, and food safety campaigners are lobbying the government to make it law in England too.

Ben Milligan tells Simon: 'It needs to happen.'

A spokesman for Subway said: 'Ninety-seven percent of Subway stores that have been rated received the Food Standards hygiene rating of very good (5 out of 5), good (4 out of 5), or satisfactory (3 out of 5). 

'All Subway stores are held to high food handling and cleanliness standards, and are subject to monthly inspections to ensure that our strict standards are met.'

A spokesman for Frankie & Benny's said: 'We take food hygiene extremely seriously across all our restaurants. We have taken all necessary measures to ensure these isolated cases are restored to the high standards achieved across our other 255 restaurants and pleased to confirm that Frankie & Benny's in Grangetown, Cardiff, has since received the highest level 5 rating. We are waiting further assessment of the remaining sites.'

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Goole-1.2m fine after driver fatally crushed at Howdens

23rd of November 2017

£1.2m fine after driver fatally crushed

National manufacturer and supplier of fitted kitchens, appliances and joinery products, Howden Joinery Ltd, has been fined £1.2 million after the death of a visiting HGV driver at one of its premises.

Richard Brown, an agency driver, was delivering kitchen worktops to a Howden Joinery Ltd site in Workington when he was crushed to death as a forklift truck (FLT) overturned whilst lifting kitchen worktops from the trailer of the HGV.

An investigation into the incident, which happened on 10 November 2014, found the FLT had been overloaded. Visiting delivery drivers were not kept at a safe distance from the loading and unloading operations.

People in harm’s way

Howden Joinery Ltd of Portman Square, London pleaded guilty to breaching Section 2(1) and 3(1) of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974.

The company was fined £1.2 million and ordered to pay costs of £33,902.00.

Speaking after the hearing Health and Safety Executive inspector Steven Boyd said: “Standing too close to where loading or unloading work is being carried out can put people in harm’s way so people, such as delivery drivers, should be in a position of safety when forklift trucks are operating.

“This tragic incident could have been avoided if Howden Joinery Ltd had implemented a safe procedure to ensure that pedestrians were kept at a safe distance during loading and unloading work.

“Duty holders should be aware that HSE will not hesitate to take appropriate enforcement action against those that fall below the required standards.”