for the month of July, 2017

South Derbyshire Council considers changing placement of food hygiene stickers in restaurants

18th of July 2017

outh Derbyshire District Council has confirmed that they are considering making changes to how food hygiene rating stickers are displayed.

The rating system ranks restaurants and takeaways throughout the county and across the country and provides a rating out of five, with five being the highest, and a sticker detailing their score to be displayed to their customers.


This ranking does not rate the quality of the food offered at the business, but how well the people who run it are sticking to guidelines in terms of food hygiene.


Cleanliness of employees is assessed before they prepare food


"If you can't see it that probably means they having a rating of one or two and they don't want people to know. So we are considering a policy about publicising the result of those ratings in the future.

"It's clearly information that we need to make obvious to the public so they can decide what they want to do."

According to Mr Batchelor, he and South Derbyshire District Council want to create a new policy which will see a uniform position or a certain place where they want the stickers to be displayed in the shops regardless of the rating to give customers a fair chance to make their decision on where or where not to eat.


How does the food hygiene rating work?

The food hygiene rating system is there to help customers make an informed decision where to eat by letting them know how clean places are with their food preparation and storage.

From restaurants and cafés, to hotels and pubs – anywhere that offers prepared meals will be inspected by local authorities, like South Derbyshire District Council.

Ratings are given to anywhere a customer can eat food, whether that be a sit-down meal or taking the food away and even places where you can buy food like supermarkets and bakeries.

The council organises when inspectors visit each food outlet to check if they meet food safety standards. During an inspection, the officer will look at how food is handled, prepared, cooked and stored.


Ratings are decided by compiling judging on a range of matters


The condition of the building is also assessed, in terms of cleanliness, layout and ventilation. The steps that business owners take to make sure food is kept clean is also looked at and is included in the rating.

Each factor is then added together and a final rating is decided by the inspectors from zero to five stars. If a premises is rated zero, this implies that the location needs urgent improvement while five indicates that the hygiene standards are very good.