for the month of January, 2016


5th of January 2016

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New construction guidance to stop workers dying each week from occupational disease

16th of January 2016

The construction industry has launched new guidance to encourage better management of occupational health risks. HSE is urging the industry to put an end to the hundreds of construction workers that die of occupational diseases every month.

Inspectors issued more than 200 health related enforcement notices during the recent Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) construction inspection initiative.

This highlighted the widespread misunderstanding of what ‘occupational health’ means in the construction sector and the employers’ misguided perception that health is more difficult to manage than safety.

The new guide ‘Occupational health risk management in construction’ PDFhas been written by the Construction Industry Advisory Committee (ConIAC) Health Risks Working Group and formatted with the assistance of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).

It gives practical advice on what ‘health risk’ means for the construction industry, and the role of occupational health service provision in preventing or controlling those risks.

Ian Strudley, Chair of the ConIAC Health Risks Working Group and HSE Principal Specialist Inspector said: ““The misunderstanding of occupational health within the construction sector means that whilst the industry focus on managing the more familiar safety issues, serious health risks get ignored. We cannot let this continue.

“When figures show that construction workers are at least 100 times more likely to die from a disease caused or made worse by their work as they are from a fatal accident, the industry must take action.”

Shelley Frost, Executive Director – Policy at IOSH, said: “There have been huge advances in improving safety in the construction sector over the last 15 years but the industry has yet to generate such advances in improving the picture in occupational health.

“Every week, 100 people die from construction-related ill health in the UK. Less than half of construction workers also stay employed in the industry until they are 60.

“This new guide raises awareness of the occupational health issues in construction, demystifies how to best manage them and provides information as to where firms can get help and assistance.

“Ultimately, if the advice is followed, it could help to lower incidence rates of occupational ill-health and transform the perception of working in construction to that of an attractive and respectful industry with great career choices.”



UK E. coli infections 'rise by 1,000'

26th of January 2016

The UK has a long history, like many countries, of blaming the consumer when  foodborne illness is involved.

Maybe those who are sick are in the wrong class.

The number of people infected with E. coli across England rose by more than 1,000 last year, figures have shown.

Dorset and North, East and West Devon were the worst hit for the infection with 629 and 612 cases each between September 2014 and September 2015.

Public Health England figures show there were 39,604 from September 2014 to September 2015, compared with 38,291 for the same period the year before.

The health authority said it was working to reduce the rate.

That’s a lot of E. coli infections.

Consumers are apparently supposed to:

Wash hands thoroughly after using the toilet, before and after handling food and after handling animals
Remove any loose soil before storing vegetables and salads
Wash all vegetables and fruits that will be eaten raw
Store and prepare raw meat and unwashed vegetables away from ready-to-eat foods
Do not prepare raw vegetables with utensils that have also been used for raw meat
Cook all minced meat products, such as burgers and meat balls, thoroughly
People who have been ill should not prepare food for others for at least 48 hours after they have recovered.

The UK health types really do treat people as if they are dense. Wrong social class, I guess.

8 sick: Apparent E. coli outbreak in Nevada

Posted by Doug Powell on 11/09/2015 from Barfblog

The Washoe County Health District says it’s currently investigating eight reported cases of E. coli

Spokesman Phil Ulibarri says the health district was notified of the cases on Wednesday, November 4th with six cases affiliated with the Twisted Fork restaurant in south Reno, which remains opens for business. 

There was no immediate information on the remaining two reported cases. 

Health officials say these eight cases are not related to the current cases being investigated in El Dorado County at High Hill Ranch, or Chipotle restaurants.

Channel 2 spoke with Twisted Fork General Manager Joe Clements, who told us they were made aware of the possible connection about ten days ago, and that the customers ate at the establishment at different times over the course of a month, and all ate different foods. Clements says none of their employees are sick, and that they don't know where this issue initiated. He says they are cooperating fully with the Health District's investigation, and says it's still too early in the investigation to pinpoint a possible source. 

He told us, "Our overwhelming concern is for the health of the people who are sick...It's a horrible situation but we are complying fully with whatever the health department needs."