for the month of August, 2013

Landlord failed to improve HMO

20th of August 2013

A Merseyside landlord has been fined £3,000 and ordered to pay £700 costs for failing to comply with a prohibition notice and for operating an unlicensed HMO.

Geoffrey Irving, from Breck Road, Wallasey pleaded guilty at Birkenhead magistrates court to two charges under the Housing Act 2004 brought by Wirral Council. It was the second time the landlord had been prosecuted for failing to comply with a court order relating to his property.

The court had fined Mr Irving last year for failing to comply with an improvement notice requiring him to carry out works on his four-storey Victorian property. The HMO had been converted into 18 units of accommodation housing vulnerable tenants.

The prohibition order was issued due to Mr Irving having continued to rent out the property in New Brighton despite the programme of remedial work having not been completed.

The works required action to be taken to improve fire safety, electrical safety, damp and mould and facilities for personal hygiene. The landlord was also prosecuted for operating an unlicensed HMO after failing to register the property under the council’s mandatory licensing scheme.

The council has helped most of the occupants of the property to find suitable alternative accommodation and is continuing to work with the remaining five residents to help them get re-housed.

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