RSPH Level 2 Award in Understanding Health Improvement

Duration: 1 Day including exam

Course introduction

The government white paper choosing healthy: Making healthy choices easier (2004) identified the need for a new role of NHS health trainer to be established to advise, motivate and support individuals to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

This short RIPH level 2 award has been developed in support of the wider health trainer role identified in the white paper, for which level 3 qualifications are being developed by other bodies.

This award provides an introduction into the fundamentals of health and well being, of barriers to making a change of lifestyle and of how to help people to make changes to improve their health.

Who is it aimed at?

It is relevant to target groups across a range of community and organisation settings. Organisations with an interest in the health and well being of their workforce and customer/client groups will find this RIPH level 2 awards invaluable.

It provides a way of equipping key staff with basic health advice and methods of support, which they can then use to inform and assist colleagues and/or customers.

The award is mapped to relevant elements of the National Occupational Standards for Health Trainers and is therefore also appropriate as a stand alone stepping stone for those aspiring to become health trainers.

Range of Settings

  • Health Sector (hospitals, surgeries)
  • Care Sector (care homes, residential homes)
  • Local Authorities
  • Prisons
  • Leisure and fitness industry
  • Education sector (schools, colleges, universities, youth workers)
  • Retail Sector (Pharmacies, supermarkets, health food shops)
  • Other public services (police, fire, armed forces)
  • Large corporate employers (workforce support and welfare)

Outcomes Summary

The candidates will know and understand:

  • The importance and benefits to public health of promoting health and well being in the work place and community settings including Basic concepts of Health
  • Factors that support health improvement and factors that create barriers including inequalities, communication barriers, and how to overcome these barriers
  • Principles used in health behaviour change and maintenance and how to apply e.g. setting smart goals.
  • The responsibilities associated with handling confidential and sensitive information, including the policies and procedures relating to confidentiality (Broad terms only)
  • Methods that may be used to evaluate a programme to promote healthier lifestyles.

This award provides individuals with the underpinning knowledge and understanding necessary to work effectively in helping people who need support and encouragement to make positive changes in their lives, including how to help them access further assistance (in, for example, identifying barriers to change, and setting goals) towards the objective of adopting and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

There are no pre- course entry requirements. It is recommended that candidates for this award have good oral communication skills, basic standards of literacy and numeracy.

The course is assessed by a short multiple-choice exam (45 mins).

Holders of this qualification may wish to progress to a level 3 qualification in any of the broad fields of health and social care, education, health improvement, community development or the public services.

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