Level 3 Award in Supervising Food Safety Courses

Duration: 3 days including exam

Course Introduction

This qualification is designed for those who are or intend to become managers and supervisors in the catering, retail, manufacturing and hospitality industries. This qualification equips managers and supervisors with a sound understanding of their role in implementing food safety procedures at all stages of food preparation and handling.

Whilst the content of the qualification focuses strongly on the day-to-day role of the manager and supervisor in implementing effective food safety management procedures, it also covers the supervising of food handlers in food safety matters and ensuring that relevant monitoring and recording activities are carried out. It is strongly recommended that the candidates have formal level 2 qualifications such as a CIEH level 2 Award in Food Safety.

The holder of the Level 3 Award in Supervising Food Safety will have:

  • A good knowledge of the relevant food safety legislation requirements and be able to apply and monitor good hygiene practices.
  • An understanding of their role in the implementation of food safety management procedures, the identification of food safety hazards and the need to contribute to improving food safety procedures.
  • A good understanding of the importance of effective communication and staff training

The Course Covers

    • Legislation
    • Supervisory management
    • Temperature control (chilling, cooking)
    • Contamination control
    • Applying and monitoring good hygiene practices
    • Implementing good food safety procedure
    • Contributing to the safety training of others
    • The costs of food poisoning
    • Bacterial, non-bacterial food poisoning & food borne infections
    • Hazard analysis & HACCP
    • Personal hygiene
    • Food preservation
    • Design and construction of food premises & equipment

    Where we deliver courses

    We provide food hygiene training courses in-house to organisations throughout Humberside, Yorkshire, and further afield. Delegates get a lot from our courses while finding them enjoyable and we are often in demand to travel further afield so please do contact us with your exact requirements and we’ll be happy to help.

    Please discuss your requirements with Steve on 07967 104042 or complete the form on the Contact Us page. We will ensure we offer you the flexibility that you require.